New old news

James kept this NBD transfer on the downlow . The cheeky pooch won best trick at Guilford skate park comp three months ago ..... haha .. He was probably too busy continent jumping to bring it to our attention ....Pic by Simon Clark > Also this clip was floating around on the web (Not sure who by) James n Potts both have tricks on it .. I asked Pooch about the pool and he said "maybe 2ft tranny not sure , the only real way to get up it was to carve it ,it was filthy and had water seeping through the tiles on the wall in some places so every now n then you'd slide out n eat shit !! The coping wasn't technically grindable, when you hit it you'd either halt and go flying or it would literally spark and you'd make it. So each time you'd gamble on losing truck or skin .. it was fuggin' gnar cakes !!