Bean snacks abroad

Old B'nax has been in contact ... We even got a skate photo for ya ... The young webmaster has been travelling allround Asia with the missis and he's now in New Zealand ... Heres seven of his many observations ...
1) Melaka seemed to have a lot of Wee's, now this is obviously a common surname to a Malaysian born person but for someone with a childish sense of humour it's quite funny.
2) Tourists seemed to hire mopeds/scooters on thai islands but forget to see all the injuries that we're walking past them on the ferries to the islands. we met soo many people who had lost against the non-existent roads, it's not like nipping down to the local shop for a pint of leche, these roads required the skills of Valentino Rossi, Dougy Lampkin and Sam Gilbert to navigate the terrain...!
3) Some Cambodian logic that we may not have shared with you. I asked our driver why they don't have traffic lights at all the junctions as to a Westerner it seems like chaos (organised chaos to someone from cambodia) and he told us - If there are traffic lights, there are traffic jams...! And he was right, there were 4 sets of traffic lights in the place we were staying and each one had a traffic jam.
4) Everyday seems to be a Friday night or Saturday day, it is somewhat strange to think about the routine we were once in, this now feels right.
5) We came across a new breed of dog that we hadn't heard about - a Labradoodle.
6) Gecko's are called geckos because the sound they make is something like this - gee-koooooo, geeeeee-kooooooooooo
7) NZ is cold...!