6:57 Hype ..

Hopefully you have gathered by now Jak is filming a section for the 6:57 DVD ... Wanna know more ? Well I did ... So I put some questions to it's creator Rob Crawford ..
First up .. Why is the DVD called 6:57 ?
The name 6:57 derives from the train Portsmouth fans would catch to away games, including those against the neighbouring city of Southampton. Tension between the two cities began when the dockland workers, competing for labour, had to lower prices against each other and so cheapening their own profession and making it harder to earn a living. Since this, the 2 cities have been rivals. Football became an outlet for their aggression, and the fans became notorious as hooligans. They rarely meet without a fight.
Us skateboarders get on alright though.

Who's on the DVD ?
Adam Keys, Curtis Jarman, Joe Paget, Jak Tonge and also Phil Parker who joined later. They are just names now but not for long.
How long ya been filming it ?
Been filming it for about 10 months. The time limit is no object to us we have high standards and everyone is in heavy filming mode.

Where is the filming mainly based ?
A big part of it is showing people something they haven't seen before so a lot of spots are in Southampton and Portsmouth. There's a lot of videos that get repetitive and it look like they didn't search for spots at all. 6:57 will really make you wanna skate, its all about being creative and that really shows in the skaters styles.
So ... Check the trailer above as well as this little clip of Adam and Jak skating Mini bellow and stay tuned for more updates from the 6;57 ..... Nice one Rob ..