Czech my Puss Tour has landed on the pages of Sidewalk Magazine ... Go get it .... Stupidly hyped on this ..... Here's some leftover ham and 10 facts on each of the boyards from the tour ....Jerry felt like the whole tour was a dream
Jerry only wore white T'shirts
Jerry developed a granny beard
Jerry danced to shit music
Jerry late shuved the gap at Stalin twice
Jerry is a cross between Getz , Bradey and snoppy the dog
Jerry is not a morning person
Jerry fell head over inward heels for a road gap
Jerry made some serious sandwiches
Jerry actually did a couple of tricks before midday for the first time in years
Potts did some naked hill bombing
Potts did the hugh stair set before breakfast
Potts got tortured by Neddy
Potts dropped in on a dirt quarter holding a cat
Potts hit his arm on the roof while skating the mini
Potts has a mangina
Potts loves cheap seafood
Potts washed once in 9 days
Potts is a metaling bastard
Potts made the whole house smell of his bum hole Jak was the ladies choice
Jak nearly burnt the cottage down
Jak ollied mannied a curb at 35mph
Jak didn't stress once while filming ..
Jak looks like a bird in his passport photo
Jak has a cat in his pocket
Jak left his clothes everywhere
Jak repped a beanie in the sun
Jak was told his face was so beautiful it should be cut off and stuck on the wall
Jak had a scum tash for the last half of the tour

Photos by Jerry apart from Jerry photo by Smay .. Also in case you missed it here's some mini ramp footage from the best bar in the world !!
Drawing Boards / Czech My Puss Tour '09 / Park Offcuts >>

Big Thank yous once again to Martin for putting us up ... Pleased to see Smay and Jerry have their first photos published in a mag . Massive cheers to Ben Powell for having faith in our company and sharing the tour with the masses . Neddys words summed the tour up so well not to mention his filming being spot on .. Jerry , Jak and Potts really shone on this tour and there are loads of photos still waiting to go up on the site in the upcoming weeks so keep checking back ... Peace AD ..