Last week

Here's some of Smays pics of the boyos from last week ...Mans dem ..Elliot kickfliped out of tailstall while some old hag was screaming at him to leave .. He tried to reason with her " Don't you want to see my trick ?" .. She wasn't down .. so he did it anyway ..You know your in the right place when theres things like this at the spot ..Jerry adds some more grub to his jeans with a nollie backsideflip before security came again to spoil the fun ..What you cant see is the thin brick run up .. Jerry gets his NBD on ..Thanks to the Essex boys for showing us the sites ..Despite this ....Old beansnacks used his coat to dry it off ..and our kid Jerry laid this kickflip down like a man possesed ..Thanks to Nelly for taking us to this serine skatespot ..Elliot came up with the goods .. Nollie inward heels into the abyss .. Proving he ain't just a tech monkey ..By the end we all felt like the picture above .. But it was well worth it ... Thanks to everyone who helped us out .. Ralph , Chris , Sam , Martin , Liam , Barret , Si , Nelly , Jerry , Benno and Stevie .. Good vibes make good things happen .. Peace on earth AD ..