Yupdates ...

Skateboarding Photo has just dropped some more photos from our recent trip to Barca .. Photos taken by Ranny and Smay .. Words by AD .. Skating by Isaac , Potts , Teagey , Elliot and Jak
Elliot Rowe pivot flip out steez .. Pic RannyIsaac Miller kickflip at mac 10 .. Photo SmayJak Tonge hairy Nollie bk Heel .. pic Ranny
Wheely G filmed this on camera phone while we where out there .. He was under strict instructions not to film any hammers .. So watch bellow for drunkenness and a git of a biggle ...
Also some pics by Harvey Mills in the issue of our boyard Jak Tonge repping Pompey ..Wallie .. pic Harvey Mills
As well as a chance to win yourself a Drawing Board !! ... Click HERE !!!..
Cheers to Alex and Harvey at Skateboarding Photo for the support ... Boooyah !!
Also Goomamas in Sailsbury is now stocked with Drawing Boards And in case you were in any doubt ..Peace ..