11 Photos from 2011

2011 was a really productive year for Drawing Boards .. As you may or may not know we are making a DVD .. Bellow are some photos of a few of the tricks that went down last year ... Obviously we are abit restricted on what we will use .. If we bang all the best tricks up then we will ruin them for when the DVD drops ... But all of these bring back good memories of fun times with the boyards ... Enjoy ..
1.Isaac started off the year by kickfliping the plants , the rail and the pavement ..2.Bought out a fair few graphics this year .. Thought this photo summed them up well ..3.Jak was on form all year round here's a cheeky front feebs he did for Rich West.4.Isaac started our trip to Barca as he meant to carry on ... Making the seemingly impossible possible .. Photo Smay5.Isaac was pretty much unstoppable on the CLOT tour .... So good !! Photo Ranny6.Elliot kept the surprises coming with this pivot kickflip in ... Sequence Ranny7.Potter added a fakie flip to his list of tricks at Up Johns but if ya wanna see more you'll have to wait for the DVD .. Photo Joel8.Our boy down under repped hard on the East Coast doing demos and racking up footage .. Photo Rhys Harrison9.One of Jaks tricks from a little tour ... what else did he do ? Well you'll have to wait for the DVD .... Photo Jerry10.Teaguey has put in loads of effort this year and his part is coming on sick .... Same tour .. Same story.. More to come ..11.Definitely one of my favorite park photos of the year .. Jak Tonge bk nose blunt .. Photo Harvey Mills

Going to put 11 clips up in the next few days .......

Watch out for more photos, footage, product, tours, hype, babies, demos, The DVD and general goodness from the Drawing Boards in 2012 .... Ya heard !!